Academics at St. Andrew's Regional High School

If you can't "walk the talk" when it comes to increasingly competitive university entrance requirements, you might as well go home early.

At St. Andrew’s, superior academics is a huge part of what we do. We prepare students emotionally and intellectually so they can excel at post-secondary studies.

There Are No Shortcuts To This Finish Line.

Our commitment to learning means we believe in our students and we insist on hard work. We instill a sense of pride and teach our students to be independent thinkers. We start with passionate teachers who specialize in their teaching areas. We recognize that not everyone learns in the same way, or at the same speed, so we keep our class sizes small and encourage a dialogue that keeps everyone involved.

Academic Programs

Library Resource Centre

Resources and programs

St. Andrew’s High School Library offers a friendly and academically rigorous environment that provides high quality learning resources that reflect the diverse interests and learning needs of students; the library program teaches information literacy skills, reinforces intellectual freedom, promotes reading for enjoyment, and presents speakers, displays and materials that encourage an appreciation for cultural diversity.

The educational and information cornerstone of the Library Program is to facilitate an Inquiry Based approach to research that is:

  • student-centered,
  • curriculum based
  • collaboratively planned and implemented by teachers and the teacher-librarian,
  • requires the use of a range of materials (print and electronic),
  • includes high quality assessment, and
  • showcases student achievements and creativity.

Popular units of study include: The Middle Ages, The Renaissance, Genetic Diseases, Endangered Species, World War II, First Nations in Canada, and Intellectual Freedom.

A second essential component of the Library Program focuses on students developing an Appreciation for Literature. Students are exposed to superior reading materials in a variety of genres which reflect various themes and cultures.

Popular literature activities include: Book clubs, Literature Circles, Seasonal Reading Contests, Drop  Everything And Read Day, the Teachers As Readers Contest, and the annual, grade level Battle of the Books Competitions.

Special Education Services

Students, parents, and staff work together to improve student confidence, increase motivation and achieve academic, social, physical, and emotional growth for students. We are committed to helping students understand their learning strengths and needs and develop their talents, interests, and abilities. Our programming provides students with opportunities to develop compensatory strategies, achieve academic success, and to be responsible, involved members of the school community and the community at large. Through an emphasis on goal setting, self-monitoring, and problem solving, students are helped to acquire skills they need to become lifelong learners.

Counselling Services

Student Services at St. Andrew’s is committed to understanding student needs, informing and guiding, and assisting all individuals in finding their own road to success.

Serving as the “heart center of St. Andrew’s” our staff is geared toward providing exceptional services in the areas of educational, post-secondary and career counseling.

Through classroom visits, one-one-one meetings and large group sessions, we pride ourselves on connecting personally with each and every member of our student and staff community.

We are here to assist you glean the most out of your time at St. Andrew’s – so come by and see us, drop us an email, or give us a ring. We look forward to hearing from you!

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