Our Staff

Faculty and Staff

The value of so many faculty and students learning together in community is incalculable.

The faculty at St. Andrew’s has chosen to be part of uniquely challenging and rewarding vocation: to support the development of our students spiritually, physically, intellectually, culturally, emotionally and socially (S.P.I.C.E.S.). The faculty is fully involved in all aspects of education, inside and outside of the classroom, supporting the students of St. Andrew’s by “building in love”.

Administrators and Teachers

Educated at distinguished universities in a variety of regions throughout Canada, the USA, and the British Isles, the administrative and teaching staff forms a community of leaders and learners, committed to their own professional development and dedicated as mentors for the students in their care. All teachers at St. Andrew’s are professionally certified by the BC College of Teachers or hold BC Independent School Certification.
Mr. Glen Palahicky
Vice Principal, Math
Mr. Ciaran McLaverty
School Pastor (Pastor of Our Lady of Fatima Parish)
Fr. Eduardo Da Silva Santos
General Science
Mrs. Kim Arthurs
French, Spanish
Mrs. Corinne Ballam
General Science, Chemistry, Photography
Mr. Doug Ballam
Physical Education, Athletic Director
Mrs. Lily Blair
Math, Accounting
Mr. Michael Casagrande
Social Studies, Physical Education
Mr. Mark Cristante
Learning Support Coordinator, Socials
Ms. Catherine Davis
Athletic Director, Year Book, Physical Education
Mrs. Erin Delude
Socials, English
Mr. Brian Devenport
Foods Studies
Mrs. Amanda Donegan
Yoga, Religious Education
Ms. Cathy Fowlie
Visual Arts
Mr. Andrew Gibbs
Religion Education, Retreats
Ms. Rebecca Gilbert
Business Education, Planning, Communications
Ms. Suzannah Goldsack
English, Comparative Civilizations, Religious Studies
Mr. Peter Gubbels
Foods Studies

Ms. Gabrielle Paulson

Religious Education, Learning Support
Mr. Steve Hudson
Social Studies, Learning Support
Ms. Katz
Social Studies, Religious Education
Mrs. Mary Kearsey
Drama, French
Ms. Natalie Lambert
Mr. Brian Nishi
Math, Science
Mr. Oh
English, Choral Music, Concert Band, Jazz Band
Mr. Philip O’Reilly
Math and Science
Mr. Sonny Pawar
English, Teacher Librarian
Mrs. Karin Paul
School Counselor
Ms. Michele Sanders
Physics, Calculus
Ms. Tanya Taft
English, International Student Support
Ms. Alexis Tate
English, Religion, Social Studies
Mr. Greg Van Dyk

Support Staff

Administrative Office

Mrs. Daniela Hemmings, Administrative Assistant
Ms. Rosa Stellino, Administrative Assistant

Development Office

Ms. Catherine Minvielle, Director of Development
250-479-1331 Ext 248

International Student Department

Mr. Michael Durkan, Director of International Education
Mrs. Hilary Parker, Homestay Coordinator
Mrs. Marisa Tinsay, International Education Assistant

Educational Assistants

Mrs. Claire Devenport, Educational Assistant
Ms. Yuki Iijima, Educational Assistant
Mrs. Corrina Suesser, Education Assistant

Library Technician

Ms. Jean Ong


Mr. Jim Carson, Bus Driver

Employment Opportunities

At Island Catholic Schools we are committed to becoming guiding lights for a brighter future and to charting a new direction for Catholic education on Vancouver Island.

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