Students and Faculty are Asked to Join our Alumni Database

Who are Alumni?

Anyone connected with St. Andrew's High School from 1983 to the present.

This includes students, graduates, staff, school council members, parents, priests and members of the community who have supported our school throughout the years.

There is a vision for the school of increased enrolment and campus revitalization. We hope that each of you will do what you can to support the school financially through contributions, large or small.

St. Andrew’s is proud of each of our alumni and the paths taken. We invite you to stay in contact with us and send us your email address. It is our hope that we will continue “To Build in Love” by creating a wider network to support each other.

Ministry Transcripts for Former Students

You may obtain your transcripts or a copy of your diploma through the Ministry of Education.

Students and Faculty are asked to join our Alumni database.
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