Parental contributions are recognized and valued as an important part of the total education of the child.

Parents As Active Partners

Parents are invited to participate in the school governance as a member of the Local School Council or as a member of the Parent Support Group.

The Local School Council helps oversee school policies and operations. The Parent Support Group meet monthly to support school activities.

Other active Parent Committees include:

  1. The Sports Parents Committee
  2. The Music Parents Committee
  3. The Grad Fashion Show Committee 
  4. The After-Grad Committee 

Throughout the school year, parent volunteers assist with field trip supervision, the transportation of students to extracurricular activities, as guest speakers and with the daily hot lunch program.

Student/Parent Handbook

St. Andrew’s Regional High School is a community of which our parents are an integral part. The contributions of St. Andrew’s parents are many and varied. In order to share our policies and procedures, we have developed a Student/Parent Handbook. This is a resource which can be utilized to access a wide variety of information about St. Andrew’s.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews are conducted twice a year.

Appointments are scheduled using an online system. Parents will be notified via the school newsletter when the system is available for scheduling.

All accounts are cleared at the beginning of each school year, so parents must register themselves and their children for an account each year. This site allows parents to choose up to 6 interview times with your child’s teachers. Interviews are 10 minutes in length.

Additional Parent Groups & Resources

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