Athletics at St. Andrew's Regional High School

The goal of the Athletics Program at St. Andrew's Regional High School is to provide each student athlete with opportunities to compete at the highest level available.

We offer a wide range of sports for boys and girls of every age level.  The following sports are provided for our Sabre Athletes:

We have a great, enthusiastic crew each year and everyone is welcome to come out. The first regatta of the year is called the CrabFest Regatta but do not expect there to be any crabs for sale! This is a rowing term describing a situation when the oar goes into the water at the wrong angle. If the boat is travelling fast enough, a crab can toss the rower right out of the boat!! So needless to say, we are hoping to go “crabless” at all of our competitions. All grades and abilities work together and our program is constantly growing. So come out and join the fun!

The Game Of Champions – No matter the age, we have a team for you.

Junior & Senior Boys

The season runs from September until November.  The teams compete against other Victoria A/AA High Schools and culminates at the Islands and Provincial Finals in Vancouver.

Junior & Senior Girls

The season runs from March until May.  The teams compete against other Victoria A/AA High Schools and culminates at the Islands and Provincials.  Our Senior team travels to Arch Bishop Carney in Vancouver to compete in the B.C. Catholics Tournament in April.

Men’s and Women’s teams at the Junior and Senior levels develop players with sound fundamentals, great teamwork and the competitive fire to maximize performance. Basketball brings the opportunity to travel to tournaments, make lasting friendships, and burn off high school stress. If you are ready for the commitment, get in touch with one of the coaches to see what happens next.

Senior Boys & Girls

Season runs from November until February with both teams competing against A/AA Victoria Schools.  Both teams travel to Holy Cross in Vancouver to compete in the B.C. Catholics in January.

Junior Boys & Girls

Season runs from November until February with both teams competing against A/AA Victoria Schools.

Badminton runs from February to May and many of our students from all grade levels compete for the team. It’s a season packed with exciting action and great competition.

We think of our volleyball teams less as a collection of individual players and more as a finely tuned machine. Our teams learn to work with one mind, reaching out to bump, dig and set each other up for the kill. It’s this dedication to teamwork that has seen our Grade 8, Junior and Senior teams consistently compete and represent St. Andrew’s with pride.

There’s nothing quite like hitting that sweet spot and watching that little white ball take off like a rocket. Students have the opportunity to practice those skills and challenge others on the green.

So as spring brings the colour through flowers and blossoms, those interested in the colour of white on green head out to the driving ranges and golf courses to compete for our school.

Golf season runs for all students from March  through May. A major highlight of the season is the annual Police Tournament in April.

We want all students to feel welcome to join the SARH swim team whether they are masters of the butterfly or have never been involved in competitive swimming. Once they pull on the school swim cap and dive into the water, we know they will feel the pride that comes with being a part of our swim team.

Sabres Swim team is composed of Grade 8-12’s and runs from September to November.

The team trains every Wednesday morning before school at Commonwealth Pool.

Cross Country

Running is as much an art as a science, and our dedicated coaches know how to squeeze every second out of our competitors, helping them set the bar higher and strive to keep setting individual targets and goals. If you love the feeling of feeling the wind at your back, scoot over to the Cross Country team and help us keep the winning tradition alive. The season runs from September to mid-October so you better move fast.

Track & Field

High Jump, Long Jump, Sprints, Hurdles – you name it and you’ll find St. Andrew’s students competing for the pride of our school. Our athletes train hard and benefit from a team of incredible coaches who know what it takes to cross the finish line with nothing left. The ranks are swelling and the hard work and dedication of all the athletes is commendable.

Different sports are scheduled each term, depending on the seasons of play. Every student has the opportunity to participate in team and individual sports at his or her level. Sabres Athletic teams participate in the Catholic Independent Schools of BC tournaments, national championships, and in local and Island leagues, with senior teams regularly qualifying for the BC provincial championship tournaments.  St. Andrew’s Regional High School is also a member of the Lower Vancouver Island School Sports Athletic Association. We have developed a proud tradition of success in each of these sports both at local and provincial levels. Our coaches, mostly teachers at the school, have immense knowledge and experience in their respective sports. Coaches strive to develop positive relationships with their athletes in an environment of respect and dedication.

Intramural Program

Our intramural program is run by the Athletics department and student sports reps as a way for students to keep active during lunch time.  Students enter their teams into the Junior (Grades 8 & 9) Division or the Senior (Grades 10-12) Division.  Floor hockey, basketball, dodgeball, and “Champions League” indoor soccer are all offered at various times throughout the school year.

Daily Physical Activity

Grades 8 & 9
  1. All students receive Physical Education Classes every second day. Classes are 80 minutes in length.
  2. On alternate days, students participate in their elective courses. Elective teachers have been asked to include 30 minutes of physical activity within their class time. Activity to include stretching and movement exercises in Drama and Music, balance and a focus on posture in Information technology (use of balance balls) exploratory walks in art and digital photography.
  3. Students are also encouraged to participate in a minimum of one extracurricular athletic activity (either as a member of a school team or intramural noon hour activities) per term.
Grades 10 – 12
  1. Students graduating from St. Andrew’s High School need to complete their daily physical activity sheet in the program called Naviance – this is a graduation requirement. They must do their Daily Physical Activity (DPA) from grade 10-12. In the senior years students also must complete the grad transition plan in Naviance. These are essential if students intend to graduate.  
  2. 60% of students are currently taking Physical Education Classes every second day. Classes are 80 minutes in length. Course options include PE 10 – 12 and Yoga 11.
  3. Students are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular athletic activities, either as a member of a school team or intramural noon hour activities.
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